Other| Volume 19, ISSUE 2, Px, April 2023

Forthcoming Issues

        Forthcoming Issues

        July 2023

        Valvular Heart Disease and Heart Failure
        Jyothy J. Puthumana and Ragavendra R. Baliga, Editors

        October 2023

        Changing Landscape of Heart Failure Imaging
        Purvi Parwani, Editor

        January 2024

        Novel Non-pharmacological Approaches to Heart Failure
        Vijay Rao and Geetha Bhat, Editors

        Recent Issues

        January 2023

        Challenges in Pulmonary Hypertension
        Alberto M. Marra, Pietro Ameri, and Alexander Sherman, Editors

        October 2022

        SGLT-2 Inhibitors
        Ragavendra R. Baliga and Deepak L. Bhatt, Editors

        July 2022

        Translational Research in Cardio-Oncology
        Ragavendra R. Baliga and George A. Mensah, Editors